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You have probably heard the expression, “It is all in the details” – a maxim which goes perfectly with fashion. Detail is very important to us at Aphia Sakyi; our accessories are made to perfect your look whatever the occasion.

Whether selecting an Aphia Sakyi accessory or bag, it is very important to have the right one that will make a bold statement or help you achieve a vibe that is both elegant and effortless. Here, we have devoted time to show you a sample of how you can wear some of our accessories.


You can wear your Adom rope necklace in three (3) different ways: with the neckpiece attached; without the neckpiece; or the neckpiece can be worn as a skirt.


You can wear this accessory either front or back and still achieve that look of elegance. 

Sakyi 21

Wear Sakyi 21 in any way to look bold and beautiful.

Dzigbordi Cape

You can untie the feather piece and play around with it! Fashion is also about having fun. 


Watch Aphia talk about the Wendaga cape.