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The Goal

At APHIA SAKYI, our goal is to put the “fun” in functional fashion. We set the pace for the newest trends in fashion by designing clothing and accessories that women will love to wear every opportunity they get!

Be Our Partner

We have different package options for the wholesale of our products and we will be very glad to answer any question you may have. Get in touch with us by filling up the enquiry form, or send us an email or message in social media about our wholesale packages.

Our products can only be sold in the APHIA SAKYI brand name and cannot be repackaged into any other name. We are committed to having our uniquely designed pieces sold under the Aphia Sakyi name, as it has always been over the years.

Our Wholesale Package Options

Wholesale Package – 50% off

  • When you buy a number of our pieces which qualify as wholesale, you automatically get 50% off each product price.
  • The minimum order quantity which qualifies as wholesale is 15 pieces; 4 out of 15 wholesale jewelry order pieces must be of one design.

Wholesale Package – Trio

  • When you buy 3 accessories of each design, you are entitled to pay a wholesale price (50% off) for each.

Wholesale Package – 40% off

  • Get 40% off when you buy 12 pieces.

Wholesale Package – 30% off

  • Get 30% off when you buy 10 pieces.

There is a discount code available for each option you choose and you can have access to these amazing discounts codes by getting in touch with us either through email, social media or filling up our request form (below).

Thank you for your interest and for considering to partner with Aphia Sakyi! Partnering with you in this journey is one of our highest honors and we hope to create a wonderful and lucrative relationship for many years.

Have fun going through our page and pick what you love!


Are you ready to join the Tribe?

Aphia Sakyi is a fashion brand with innovative designs exuding the treasures of Africa and quality styles. These pieces look better on you than on this screen. Grab your favorite and share your story with us on our blog.

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